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Here's the thing though. In the end, Ozzie and Bisciotti aren't going to care what his QB rating is, or how many TD passes he's thrown. That's not what he's going to get paid for.

He is going to get paid based on the trend that since he was drafted he has won more games than any other QB in their first 5 years, and has been to more playoffs than any other QB in their first 5 years.

He will get paid based not just on the fact he proved he can win at home, on the road, and on the road in the playoffs; but on the fact they know the Ravens can go to the playoffs consistently with him as the QB.

He will get paid not based on his QB rating, but on the fact they can rely on him to make a 4th quarter comeback in a key situation when it's needed; as he has proven through his career he can do.

He isn't going to get paid based on just knowing Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff cost him a trip to the SuperBowl last year, but on the fact they believe he will continue to get them in a position to get to the SuperBowl, including this year.

So realistically, we can parse over stats and stuff like that all we want. The Ravens are going to pay Flacco by his wins and losses, and what they think he will continue to produce in that department for the next 6-8 years. And that's going to net him good money.
Without a Super Bowl does any of that really matter? It's not like Flacco is the reason they've won most of those games. Mark Sanchez got to 2 AFC Championship games his 1st 2 years in the league but no one was saying that Sanchez had this great record and was even a good QB.

If they really thought that Flacco was the main offensive driver of those wins would they have paid Ray Rice the big contract that they did? At best Flacco is a co-reason for those wins with Rice. His agent has pushed for the win argument but if Ozzie and Steve were buying it then Flacco would already have been signed.