Okay then... it's that time again.

Unless the Steelers are really being sneaky, I don't think Ben is playing this weekend.

It will be Batch and a rag-tag bunch of offensive linemen from the looks of things.

I think the Steelers game plan will be simple. Run Dwyer, short passes off play action, and hope the defense or special teams can come up with a big play or two that will even things out.

In a perfect world, the Ravens will jump out to a big lead like they did on opening day last year. Batch's long passes at Cleveland looked like punts. You could have grabbed a stopwatch and measured hang time. They aren't going to get into a long passing shootout with us. That's for sure.

I think it will be a defensive game similar to the one we saw at Heinz.

Get out the brooms..

Ravens 23
Steelers 13