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    The OFFICIAL Steelers - Ravens (12/2) Game Prediction Thread

    Okay then... it's that time again.

    Unless the Steelers are really being sneaky, I don't think Ben is playing this weekend.

    It will be Batch and a rag-tag bunch of offensive linemen from the looks of things.

    I think the Steelers game plan will be simple. Run Dwyer, short passes off play action, and hope the defense or special teams can come up with a big play or two that will even things out.

    In a perfect world, the Ravens will jump out to a big lead like they did on opening day last year. Batch's long passes at Cleveland looked like punts. You could have grabbed a stopwatch and measured hang time. They aren't going to get into a long passing shootout with us. That's for sure.

    I think it will be a defensive game similar to the one we saw at Heinz.

    Get out the brooms..

    Ravens 23
    Steelers 13

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    Re: The OFFICIAL Steelers - Ravens (12/2) Game Prediction Thread

    No way Ben plays. Ain't happening.

    Ravens at home are a different beast. Ravens will score early but then trail off in the 2nd and 3rd, but rally big in the 4th. Defense plays lights out again.

    Ravens 27
    Steelers 10
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    Re: The OFFICIAL Steelers - Ravens (12/2) Game Prediction Thread

    I don't see Ben playing, either. While Tomlin and Co. would love to keep themselves in the hunt for the division crown, losing Ben after just one game back to an aggravation of his injury would kill their playoff chances. He'll sit at least one more week.

    Harbaugh will want to keep it an AFCN slugfest, but the game is never going to be in doubt.

    23-13, Ravens.

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    Re: The OFFICIAL Steelers - Ravens (12/2) Game Prediction Thread


    The steelers 7 pts. come late in the 4th qtr.

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    Re: The OFFICIAL Steelers - Ravens (12/2) Game Prediction Thread

    I was going to pick the Ravens WITH jen playing, where as I would have said we would have lost the Heinz game with jen.

    I wouldn't bet against this Ravens team from going all the way with the unity they have right now. I think it's still close and the offense will struggle for the first time this year, but we will pull away in the 4th quarter, and the defense will hold strong all through the evening. 20-13 Ravens. (Note that was my score line prediction in the last game, so I may as well use it here.)

  6. Re: The OFFICIAL Steelers - Ravens (12/2) Game Prediction Thread

    I think they take us late

    Steelers 23
    Ravens 20

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    33-16 good guys.

    Forecast for Sunday? PAIN!
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    Re: The OFFICIAL Steelers - Ravens (12/2) Game Prediction Thread

    20-9, Ravens.

    Steelers defense is still good and could come to play. With Ben out though, I think Charlie Batch is going to be in for a long evening and I see a couple of FG's being the only real points for them.
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    Re: The OFFICIAL Steelers - Ravens (12/2) Game Prediction Thread

    No Ben. No Woodley. Troy P for probably just one series before he pulls up lame again. Will be tight for awhile but could get out of hand late. Ravens 31-13.

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    Re: The OFFICIAL Steelers - Ravens (12/2) Game Prediction Thread

    34 - 6, Ravens

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    Re: The OFFICIAL Steelers - Ravens (12/2) Game Prediction Thread

    26-10 good guys

    Tucker will get four field goals

    Pitta and Rice with one TD each

    Kruger 2 sacks, Suggs 1 sack, Art Jones 1 sack
    Cary Williams 1 Int

    Heath Miller will get a TD

    That's a pretty conservative prediction I think, nothing crazy here

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    One TD in nine quarters combined with managing only 200 yards of total offense the last time we played tells me it's another close.

    The team that scores on defense / special teams wins the game.
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