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We aren't getting homefield. It will take nothing short of a miracle for the Raven's to be home. I don't even bother with the fantasy threads about seeding and running the table because it isn't happening.

All the teams that 'got hot' to win a Super Bowl had something other than the steaming pile of dogshit we have for a road offense. The Pack, the Giants, the took it to the oppenents. Us, we have horseshoes up our asses, leprichaun's on the take, 4 Leaf Clover Gardens, and O.J.'s defense team to get us road wins.

Sooner or later the luck runs out.
I think we win the rest of our home games, go 13-3 with a loss to either the bengals or redskins. We could even afford to lose both of our remaining road games at this rate.

I also think that the patriots will lose one more.

Houston will lose to NE and maybe even INDY, however it looks like theyll have the #1 seed and either us or NE with the #2. If we dont secure the #2, and depending on who we would play in the playoffs, I dont see us getting very far. Hopefully they prove us wrong.