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Thread: Does Ben Play?

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    Re: Does Ben Play?

    Quote Originally Posted by Flipping Birdie View Post
    Ever since Roethlisberger yammered on about his broken rib potentially severing his aorta I've presumed he was setting up his pundits to deify him when his makes his heroic early return this week. It's just too classically Roethlisberger for it not to be the case.
    This. In fact, as soon as he said 3 weeks, I knew it would be sooner so they could play it up.

    He will, we'll hear all about how tough he is for being out there. Then they will lose badly and we will hear how decimated by injury they are, ignoring the fact that so are the Ravens but they continue to win.

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    Re: Does Ben Play?

    Tomlin says "door open" for Big Jen to play, but it will "likely" be Batch:

    An there's also this:

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    Re: Does Ben Play?

    I think he will play but I have no idea.

    I would think he would be pretty limited at this point.

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    Re: Does Ben Play?

    God help Ben if he comes back with a 7th round rookie RT and a banged Colon trying to protect him.

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    Re: Does Ben Play?

    They will play games with us up until kickoff.

    Remember a few year ago when they had Ben was hurt and they played this game and Dixon started but Ben Dressed and was the emergency QB. I can see that here. They will dress 3 QBs (Batch, Moyer and Ben) if batch gets taken out then Moyer will suffer a phantom injury and Ben will play.

    But i agree, he is cleared to play meaning he won't have any life threating issues if he does. That does not mean his rib is near 100% or his shoulder even close. And this is all on this throwing side.

    If he plays he wont be able to throw hard and deep (like leftwhich in the 2nd half) and wont be effective. He will only get hit more which will re aggrivate the shoulder. The last thing they want is to play him here, lose have him get more hurt and miss the Cincy game. They need to be thinking wild card at this point. Even if they win, we will still have the tie breaker because of conf records and probably strenth of vicotry because of our Dallas and NE win. Cincy already has 3 divsion losses so we will have the tie breaker over them as have 2 division games left and are 4-0

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    Re: Does Ben Play?

    I don't believe he will. I think this is all gamesmanship.

    There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the universe is for and why it is here it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarrely inexplicable…

    There is another theory which states that this - has - already - happened…

    "We don't have a town drunk...we all take turns..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCRAVEN View Post
    I hope he does and I hope he's healthy. And I hope we crush them.

    Do I think he'll play, it will be a game time decision but in the end, no.
    My sentiments as well.

    Would be awesome to watch a healthy Ben. Would be even more awesome to see a healthy Ben vs. a healthy Raven's D. But no, this is just too career threatening. Hell, life threatening.
    “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

    –Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Must be some pretty potent HGH the Steeler's docs have to get a rib to reattach itself in just 3 weeks.

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    The Steelers season is on the line. If Ben is cleared to play by the doctors he's going to play.
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    Re: Does Ben Play?


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    Re: Does Ben Play?

    Suggs and/or Kruger could have a big game on Sunday going against the legendary Kelvin Beachum at RT.

    Tomlin leaving door open, but Big Ben not expected this week

    Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said he’d “leave the door open” for a return by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, but Charlie Batch is expected to start again this week.

    A source told Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette he’d be “shocked” if Roethlisberger played Sunday against the Ravens.

    Roethlisberger dislocated a rib and injured his shoulder against the Chiefs, and the source said it’s not a pain tolerance issue at the moment as one of performance.

    Tomlin said his starter threw Monday, but said: “He’s not going to be allowed to play unless he shows us he’s capable.”

    Continued injuries on the offensive line do not help matters, as the Steelers just put Marcus Gilbert on IR and Mike Adams is out with an ankle injury, leaving rookie Kelvin Beachum to start at right tackle.

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    Re: Does Ben Play?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dirt1 View Post
    Suggs and/or Kruger could have a big game on Sunday going against the legendary Kelvin Beachum at RT.
    This is from his scouting profile.

    He is undersized compared to most professional offensive tackles, but improved steadily in college, displaying the kind of athletic ability, body control and footwork that will make him a late-round draft pick. Beachum has significant strength deficiencies; his ability to physically develop as a rookie will likely determine whether he'll have a future in the NFL.

    Beachum is very quick off the ball and plays with an obvious sense of urgency. He has a good first step that allows him to get out in front and gain position. When working upfield, he has very impressive short-area quickness and footwork. He is able to adjust against moving linebackers, and he did well in the limited time he spent working in space. Beachum shows smooth, controlled lateral agility when engaging his pass set.
    Beachum is a soft prospect. He comes off the ball and moves quickly, but he is not explosive and has a hard time generating push on his man off the snap. He struggles in the run-blocking game, which doesn't bode well for his development and projected move inside to guard. SMU's style didn't offer many chances to show that he can perform in a classic run-blocking scheme, and NFL teams will have to guess whether he can successfully make that positional shift. Beachum is a mirror and patty-cake blocker who was effective and productive at SMU; whether his skills transfer to the NFL is another question.

    Good luck against Suggs and Kruger.


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