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Good point on the o-line decay. TV showed the Packer's line getting
Aaron Rogers killed. Same thing is happening to them. Our line
looked a lot better than GBs but it's happening all over with the o-lines.
Which is why I'm a great proponent (as is leachisabeast) for fixing the OL in 2013.
5 needs more time for his progressions, and as tough as he is, still the hits are piling up (30+ sacks/yr), PLUS we also need to f-in stop getting stuffed on short yardage situations.
Fix the OL and this offense goes ape-isht home, away, on the surface of the moon, wherever...and I think that even with Cammie's non-rhythmic play calling, this offense can significantly increase its productivity. You know...FOUR full quarters of effectiveness, instead of one or two.

I don't want to get wrapped up in system nomenclature. I'd rather look at skills and production. 82 running an out 2/3s on the time is fail. 88 running 2-3 yard outs is a waste of his beautiful hands and positional speed. From what I see live and on tape, Cammie doesn't consistently leverage or exploit match-ups. I also see a lot of guys motoring down just as they break open...which tells me that both our guys AND the DBs anticipate that Joe won't/can't progress across/down the field on any given pass play. That's a huge problem.

Can Cammie learn new tricks? I have no reason to believe that he can. But like it's been said many times before, the only likely scenario of him going away is us falling short of the SB with only 2-3 FGs on the board. So I'm back to aggressively (i.e., pursuing whatever needs the FO determines) fixing the OL.