Both the Chargers and the Ravens run the Ayr Coryell offense, and both offenses have been inconsistent over the years (the Chargers used to be a power house on offense when they had Tomlinson, and Vincent Jackson). After both offenses failed to get it going on Sunday for most of the game, and further more, the fact that the Ravens started lighting the Chargers up in the 4th quarter and OT when they went into a short timed passing game out of the spread offense, says to me that the whole philosophy of this offense needs to change (stating the obvious I know, but it needs to be said). That almost certainly means a change in OC. If we go on to win the SB, I think that Ozzie will probably re sign Cam for another 5 years of mediocrity and inconsistency on offnese, and we may never see Joe Flacco hit his ceiling.

I know that many people on this board are big supporters of Norv Turner as an OC, and want him to come to Baltimore when he gets fired as the HC of the Chargers, but why? What have the Chargers done that sticks out to you in recent years? Philip Rivers was once a top 5 QB, and is now rumored to be traded in 2013, and has turned the ball over at will this year.

Joe Flacco and this offense have been wildly inconsistent over the years, and have mostly been bailed out by a great defense or Ray Rice over the years, which has resulted in so many wins. Flacco has actually bailed us out of games when he calls his own shots in the spread/shotgun offense, and almost got us to the SB by coming out of the AC offense vs the Patriots in the AFCCG.

Cam Cameron is bad and doesn't make sense at the best of times, but maybe any OC who believes in the AC wouldn't be a good fit for any team in todays NFL. The Lions run a hybrid AC, and do a pretty good job of it, but again, they aren't a winning team, and have been inconsistent as hell on offense regardless of the mass numbers they put. They have Calvin Johnson to throw to with Matthew Stafford throwing him the ball in a domed stadium. That offense never works in cold weather stadiums.

The ONLY time the AC can work is when you have both a stud back (we do in Ray Rice), and a big, fast, and abnormal human being at WR like Calvin Johnson (we don't have one, even though Torrey is really promising, and Boldin being a better fit for WCO). Cap reasons, and the fact that we draft so low all the time makes it impossible for us to ever land a Calvin Johnson in the draft. The Chargers looked better when they had Vincent Jackson and Tomlinson at his best, and even then, they didn't get to the SB.

I don't think this team is necessarily built for a WCO, but I am certainly tired of seeing the same old inconsistent AC offense. What we need to do is improve the run game, we need some help on the OL, and we need more consistent play in the passing game to open up the run game, because most of the time, teams are just taking Rice out of the equation. We need a guy like Antonio Brown to help out in our passing game, someone who can run awesome routes and one of those quick footed atheletes who can move the chains, that would go perfectly along with Torrey Smith, Boldin and Pitta. I really like Tavon Austin out of West Virginia, but I like Stedmain Baily in the 3rd round more.

What I'd really like is more of the no huddle that we run at home, but some how find a way to run it on the road too, like the Patriots do. But we also need to have that power run scheme to back us up if shit goes wrong in the no huddle, because I'm not sure if our current Oline is up to the task of physically dominating other Dlines in the trenches, that the 49ers can do.

This is just a boring day at work for me, so I decided to post this, what do you guys think? Please note this is not a thread to start arguing about whether or not Flacco is elite, average, or terrible, or how much of a terrible OC Cam is. This thread is intended to identify what the best offensive philosophy is for us going forward, and what personnel changes need to be made on offense in order to progress as a top flight offense that we see at the bank.