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    It's Getting Tougher to Hate the Colts

    The Colts have really employed some class human beings. The coaches and players have been tremendous this year in support of Chuck. Now even their cheerleaders are stepping up and raising significant money to fight leukemia. These girls are awesome

    Two cheerleaders for the Indianapolis Colts made a deal a while back with the team mascot, Blue: raise $10,000 for cancer research, and we’ll shave our heads in support of Coach Chuck Pagano.

    Blue held up his end of the deal, and over the weekend, the cheerleaders did, too. Megan M. and Crystal Ann both sat down for the clippers on the sidelines and held hands as their hair was buzzed off, then returned with their team to cheer on the Colts to a 20-13 win over the Bills.

    “Blue challenged any of us cheerleaders,” Megan said. “If he would raise $10,000 for cancer research, he asked if any of us would shave our head at the next game.” The reason she accepted, she said, was “Because of myself having friends who’ve been affected by cancer. And family members and my volunteer work, it was just something I absolutely wanted to do.”

    Pagano made an appearance at the game; he is currently undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia but is in remission. The team raised over $22,000 for cancer research.
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    Re: It's Getting Tougher to Hate the Colts

    It's still no tougher for me.

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    Re: It's Getting Tougher to Hate the Colts

    I never hated the Colts.

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    Re: It's Getting Tougher to Hate the Colts

    I have to agree.

    Jim seems like a class guy, in stark contrast to his father. When he actually contributed to "The Band that wouldn't Die", I was surprised that (1) he actually agreed to speak and (2) how candid he was about his father, his fathers alcoholism, troubles, etc.

    And now that Peyton is gone and the Pagano troubles, it's really tough to root against them.

    I dont see them as a stolen team anymore.

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    Re: It's Getting Tougher to Hate the Colts

    There is something grating about a team stumbling into Peyton with the number 1 pick and then 20 years later getting Luck. Every other team has to struggle with QB issues at some time but they smoothly transition from one once in a generation QB to (quite likely) another. They couldn't have had the #1 pick the year that JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn were the top QBs?!

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    Re: It's Getting Tougher to Hate the Colts

    I don't, and never have, hated the Colts. It's the Irsay's I hate.


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