I have to admit, coming into this game I was convinced that the solid performances from the defense was part improvement since the bye (and Suggs' return) and part competition. Even with a Swiss Cheese O-line I thought Rivers would be able quickly get the ball out to Gates, Alexander and Floyd allowing to make plays like last year. But the pressure dialed up and the coverage on the back end (which lead to a couple of sacks) proved to be a deciding factor

Art Jones-Came through in a big way this game with two sacks after having a non-existent first few years, way to respond to Reed's challenge!

Cary-In spite of the touchdown (Pollard seemed to bite up a little) its good to see him successfully bumping guys at the line.

BA-Came in as the second option after Bynes and immediately looked the like the solid cover LB he was a couple years back

Graham-Still making plays

The best byproduct, imo, of all the injuries to the defense is that now we see what we have on the bench and we know that there are playmakers all over the defense.