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    Re: the big question

    is is likely watching tons of Broncos game film from the past games and future games. He is the studying the Broncos bigtime.

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    Re: the big question

    Ray has always led the Defense with solid efforts against Peyton despite never getting them over the hump. More often than not, it was the offense that couldn't dent the Tampa 2 on the opposite side.

    If it comes down to matching up with the things Manning does, and attempting to diagnose and/or confuse Manning at the LOS, you have to want Ray back in there for that Denver game. But that's only true if Ray can defend the area he needs to defend against a Manning led attack.

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    Re: the big question

    We can't chalk Ray's performance up as his fault the D was squandering and playing poorly. The D in whole was playing bad. With the recent resurgance of the DL (Suggs back, Kruger playing his best as a situational rusher, and Pees figuring somethings out) Ray will play better than McClain, but I think Ellerbe should stay on the field.
    I also think that if Ellerbe is out next week that BA should play against Pitts dink and dunk, he has the speed to break up passes. McClellan in on running downs, BA in on passing.

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    Re: the big question

    there was no way ray was going to retire due to injury. does he now play out the year and retire this year? i don't see him coming back in 2013 at 38 years old.

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    Re: the big question

    When he comes back, this injury might be sufficient reason to platoon him more.

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    Re: the big question

    Not even a question. As soon as he can come back he starts and you sit McClain. Really pretty easy.

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    Re: the big question

    Quote Originally Posted by pslholder96 View Post
    Speaking of Ellerbe, didn't he get hurt late in the game? I don't think he returned.
    Dannell Ellerbe ‏@ellerbe59 My MRI was scheduled for 4:45 it's 5:35 and I'm still waiting! Getting restless!

    prepared to <spit> and <swear> at any minute.. blame it on PMS!


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    Re: the big question

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenMadness View Post
    Dannell Ellerbe ‏@ellerbe59 My MRI was scheduled for 4:45 it's 5:35 and I'm still waiting! Getting restless!
    Lol even pro's have to wait in our pathetic medical system!


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