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    Re: Merill Hoge is Pissed!!!

    If you were Merrill Hoge, wouldn't you be upset too?
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    Re: Merill Hoge is Pissed!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ravenfan83 View Post
    Do you guys really think Merril Hoge gives a rats ass about Q not being called for a clip?
    Actually he does because he's a huge Steeler fan.

    Met him two days after the Ravens blew out his boys on 9-11-11. You would've thought that he had just played the game. He was pissed at the Steelers, at Ben and worse thought the Ravens were a fluke. I simply shook my head at him because he's short of a few brain cells. I do understand his loyalty though because he's treated like a God in Western PA.

    I know a lot of posters have a who cares attitude when it relates to the Ravens perception in the media but we aren't talking about people that are impartial. These guys are fans and can sway opinions based on their biased viewpoints. It is what it is but it shouldn't be overlooked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Excellector View Post
    If you were Merrill Hoge, wouldn't you be upset too?
    That and the fact that at his age, he still can not tie a tie. Does he really have to make the knot that big? Too many concussions, I guess.

    But yes, he is a complete idiot and homer -only a Shittsburgh fan would ever praise his analysis for what it is.

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    Re: Merill Hoge is Pissed!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by HKusp View Post
    I know you really meant to type MSNBC,NBC, ABC and CBS, too...
    Well, they are all for-profit networks. I just chose to cite the most obvious, egregious & outrageous example of pandering.
    and profit is bad, we should all share. Khumbaya...
    IMHO there is nothing wrong with making a fair profit in a socially responsible manner--props to them as can. We'll just have to agree to disagree over the qualifiers.

    Geez, Kuspie, I dunno --do you really not have a problem with the fact (not opinion, fact) that what the networks show you is entirely determined by how many of the right types of viewers (commonly easily suckered rubes) can be snookered into watching, irrespective of its validity or value?

    (PS Check your PMs--there'll be a present there for ya shortly!)

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    Re: Merill Hoge is Pissed!!!

    Hoge should be mad at the refs, one I believe is a pittsburg native. Don't watch the program and still wonder who the hell hoge is?

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    Re: Merill Hoge is Pissed!!!

    I do not believe he has ever picked against the Steelers on the "experts picks" page of

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    Re: Merill Hoge is Pissed!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    If it wasn't for ESPN (and this thread too, I suppose) I wouldn't know who he is.


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