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    Re: State of the RAVENS address

    Luck = preparation + opportunity + talent.

    There was no luck here, this wasn't something pulled out of a hat. Ray Rice earned most of that and Boldin earned a bit, as did the OL and Flacco.

    As frustrated as I was with the playcalling, particularly the QB sneak on 3rd and 1 we telegraphed, the team earned this win. The Ravens had more yards and outplayed the Chargers at key moments.

    Ugly, no. Frustrating for 55 minutes, indeed.

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    Re: State of the RAVENS address

    I am sure I am in the minority here, but to me, NO WIN IS UGLY!!
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    Re: State of the RAVENS address

    Quote Originally Posted by teagues View Post
    I also like the approach to the end of OT. I actually said to my wife, "Harbaugh is growing as a coach" That ending wouldn't have been possible two years ago because either we'd be out of timeouts, or harbaugh wouldn't have thought of it.

    I also love the timeout call in the fourth quarter when one of the DB's was out of position on a critical 3rd and 4 play. I think it was Graham who was shading over to the wrong side of the field and somehow missed the 3 WR's stacked to the other side. Harbs called TO, chargers looked like the ran the same formation, we got the stop and forced the punt which gaves us a chance to tie.
    I didn't have a problem with OT clock management, I would have preferred running forward instead of kneel-downs backward but it was not a ton of yards.

    My problem was with clock management at the end of regulation. We took one shot at the endzone with 45 seconds and a timeout left and then settled for a filed goal. That was stupid.
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