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    I don't know, that's kind of hard to do when your coming out of your break and the ball is already in the air - and it's thrown behind you. Looks to me like he did just about everything he could to knock it down. It most certainly doesn't qualify as "he dropped one that he should have caught", as you originally said.

    Sorry, I think you are grading unnecessarily harshly on that play.
    For some reason, it seems like Ex decided Jacoby was going to suck based on nothing the instant we signed him. IIRC he started threads bashing him before his first snap as a Raven. So I guess he just sees what fits his preconceived notions. That particular play was a good play by Huff, a bad bounce, and by know means a ball he "should have" caught. But whatever.

    Anyway, he was solid last night just like he's been all season. Overlooked, but in addition to his own contributions, that 54 yard catch and run by Torrey that got us our first points is a 10-15 yard gain max if not for a fantastic downfield block by Jacoby

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    Not to mention the block he was making during the 4th and 29 play. His blocking down field has been very good all season.


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