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    Re: Dan Fouts' Charger slobbering was funny

    Fouts should have worn his Chargers tie because he certainly sounded as if he had their p.j.'s on under his suit.

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    Re: Dan Fouts' Charger slobbering was funny

    I liked Fouts back in the MNF days when he was paired with Dennis Miller -- I thought he (Fouts, not Miller) was pretty good. But he was off his game yesterday. I didn't think he was terrible, just not as good as I remembered. And everyone has a bad day, right? It's not that big a deal. Maybe he shouldn't be on Chargers games.

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    Re: Dan Fouts' Charger slobbering was funny

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Are you suggesting that folks on the boards dont get upset when you dont agree with the bias meme? Because if you use the search function on this site, there are dozens of threads going all the way back to its inception, showing that if you do not believe the media talking heads have an anti-Ravens bias, you get killed here.

    And leave out the personal attacks next time, K?
    Don't know how this is a personal attack but whatever.

    As for your comment sure people get killed over comments that go against the majority but that's what makes the board lively shall I say. I was making more of a comment about GOTA but it got lost in translation I guess.

    All I can say is that we'll have a few more squabbles but as long as we keep it civil its all good.

    Looking forward to our next dust up.


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