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    Re: When did Pollard have his head surgically removed and the rettached?

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    It was a clean hit, he left his feet when the play was still in question. You can't stop physics. He had already committed to the hit, and he committed in a clean manner.
    Clean or not, when you launch yourself at a player, the officials are going to call it 9 times out of 10.

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    Re: When did Pollard have his head surgically removed and the rettached?

    From what I've heard and read there has been a shift in officials powers.

    My understanding is that they are now to call it If They Think They Saw It

    The issue is no longer did you see it? or even to a degree did you think you saw it.

    The Pollard call looks to be "did you think it could have been helmet"

    The mind set has changed from:
    What you saw
    To what you think you saw
    To what you might have seen.

    Sadly, like Dan Deerdork calls what people are talking to each other about on the field (existing only in his mind), Officials are starting to call plays that exist in their mind.
    It is called bias, and they have now been trained to be biased to call it, expected to call it, and are now covering their butts and calling it if it was a possibility.

    Bring out the pink tu-tus, in addition to Brady, we need more for a couple of officials.
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