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    Re: So is our defense back?

    The pass rush and run D are markedly improved. Great timing, too.

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    Re: So is our defense back?

    Suggs' return, Pees' move to the booth and a prideful defense has really paid off thus far. I could care less about the weaknesses of our last 3 opponents because we had just as many of them.

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    Re: So is our defense back?

    When you hold Rivers and the Chargers to 1 TD through nearly 5 quarters, IN San Diego, I think you can say that our defense played a superb game.

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    I think it's a combo of things... Suggs back, pees in the box, young guys getting better, pees calling more creative plays, etc. everything is coming together at the right time.

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    I wanted to see what they'd do against a decent QB, and they held up
    Really well.

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    Re: So is our defense back?

    It's really good that the D has come on leaps and bounds since the bye - yes, Sizzle has a lot to do with that, he's really proved himself to be the MVP of this D.

    Only two teams in the AFC have given up less points than us (219) - Houston (211) and Pittsburgh (210).

    In the last four weeks, we've only given up 58 points. We basically scored that against Oakland in 3 quarters. That's the least in the AFC, I think. I think the only team to give up less than us in the last four games they've played is the Niners with 55. Yes, you can take into account opponents, but considering how this D was playing pre-bye, it's one hell of a switch.


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