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    Browns curse for Steelers and Bengals

    Which one do you think will beat the curse this year? Right now, I'd have to say the Bengals lol

    Browns Curse

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    Re: Browns curse for Steelers and Bengals

    All down to that week 16 match up. Right now, I'd still say Pittsburgh due to them having an easier schedule.

    The wildcard is Ben's health.

    Bengals have got: @ San Diego, Dallas, @ Philadelphia, @ Pittsburgh, Baltimore.

    That's not as bad as it looked at the beginning of the season, but that's still not a cakewalk.

    Steelers have got: @ Baltimore, San Diego, @ Dallas, Cincinnati, Cleveland.

    Both could conceivably go 3-2 or thereabouts - but Pittsburgh will have the tiebreaker. Also not counting both teams have the full capability of losing to bad teams. Some Bengals fans are hoping the Ravens lie down in week 17 (they don't seem to have much faith in beating Bmore), but they'll still be gunning for homefield or 1st round bye with any luck. Plus, sweeping the division two years in a row is just too sweet to pass up.

    Of course, it's entirely possible that both will make it in as wildcards for a 2nd year in a row - though it depends on Houston. Don't count out that possibility. The Colts aren't a great football team, even if they're a feel good story. In the playoffs, they're going to get destroyed.

    They've got @ Detroit, Tennessee, @ Houston, Kansas City, Houston. Hoping the Colts at least split with the Texans for the Ravens' sake.

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    Re: Browns curse for Steelers and Bengals

    Come to think of it, we've never made the playoffs after losing to the Browns either, have we? Either way I wouldn't be shocked to see them both miss the playoffs. The Steelers are trending down and although the Bengals have surged lately that little funk they had that knocked them under .500 left me unimpressed. The Colts are not going anywhere and the Jets have an easy road to win out. Arizona and San Diego both come east and they are both historically bad at it. And their schedule is rounded out with Jacksonville, Tennessee and Buffalo. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see the Jets snag that last playoff spot.

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    Re: Browns curse for Steelers and Bengals

    Bengals look like a much better team right now but I won't over react to their thrashing of lowly Oakland. They've got some serious weapons at WR and even RB and their defense is flying around.
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