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New draft/FA/offseason thread

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It seems like a smart move to draft a NT to compete with Terrance Cody for the spot, but I would not give up on Cody yet. Again, it took him a long time just to get into proper NFL NT condition, let alone work on his technique. Paul Kruger's emergence should have taught us something about player development. The team is more focused on a youth movement than they've been in years. We as fans are going to have to learn more patience with players.
First post!! Anyway, I feel the same way. Cody seems to have the work ethic as in the past few offseasons he has tried to improve his body whether by slimming down or gaining muscle. Still I think Ozzie needs to grab a guy like Brandon Williams on the second day or Montori Hughes on the third day. They are big nose tackle types with some athleticism that Cody does not have.

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