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So What's Next for the wizard of Oz?

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[QUOTE=ravensfan6463;762117]This man truely amazes me every year what he can do with a salary cup. You can truely tell players love playing here and take cuts to play here. In saying that, What does everyone think our next FA move is? Is there any quality Center's, TE's or FS's available?

My other question as i'm watching the FA ticker on NFL network, Why don't we kick the tires on a few of these RB if we can get them cheap especially Blount. We need a bruiser RB like there's no tomorrow I truely miss the pound em type football we use to be known for. With all the RB troubles this offseason I think it's worth a shot.

Also i'm really liking Owen Daniels if we can get him cheap :happyanim

Thanks Ozzie from a life long fan for being the best GM to us Baltimore Fans. We're a pretty smart fan base who appreciates quality,budget friendly players .

Note: with the projected Steve Smith number's I believe we have 9.5-10.5 million left[/QUOTE]

He still has to get a Center. Someone like de la Puente of the Saints is still out there. I think Baas of NY is too.

A LG in the draft if they move KO to RT. So it could be someone like the guy from Notre Dame.

A FS in the draft. He might even draft one in the first round now. He
can go for defense.

An ILB and pass rusher.

A RB for sure. They've met with Terrance WEst twice already.

Ozzie ain't done yet.

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