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Marlon Brown

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Personally, I wouldn't be hesitant to give Brown and even Mellette reps in the regular season.

From what I have seen Marlon Brown could produce just as much as Jacoby did at receiver in the coming season. He has a bigger body and stronger hands.

I mean at the moment it is Jacoby or Brown on the outside... are you really that much more comfortable with Jacoby?
Good morning all - first time posting on this board!

Jacoby had such a great performance in the playoffs, but I try to not let that inflate his true value too much at the WR position. I think he could be replaced in the WR group by a young up-start guy sooner than many might expect. Jacoby is the return man. Seemed he was going to break through a number of times during his preseason returns. But did anyone notice how loose that rock was in hands during that panthers game? either way, I expect some great stuff from him again this year in special teams.

Marlon Brown - love him! He snatched that Flacco TD pass out the sky..thought I was looking at Boldin for a second. Hoping Marlon keeps this up. He could easily work his way up the depth chart and on to the field.

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