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  1. I was excited about Deonte Thompson

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    Justin Harper
    Randy Hymes
    Clarence Moore
    Aaron Mellette
    Demetrius Williams...all those guys were hyped at some point in camp.

    Then there are guys like Derek Abney who was supposed to be a good kick returner, Devard Darling who never showed anything despite being a look like Tarzan, play like Jane guy. Same with Tommy Streeter. Ron Johnson. Marcus Smith.

    I got on a Matt Willis camp bandwagon.
    Some of the
  2. Torrey Smith Anyone?

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    Unless a bonafide #1 steps into 1WD between today and the opener, anything less than 110-120 targets (~7-8 per game) to Perriman is gross incompetence and professional maleficence.
    I agree...he needs to be force fed the ball now that he has a year under his belt to see what he's really got.
    Can he physically hold up to that much action I honestly doubt it
  3. 2017 Draft Thread -- because we have an unhealthy obsession

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    I havent seen a lot people talking about Jamal Adams but he should be in play at 16, no?

    Depending how the team stacks its board at safety, Adams could theoretically be their top S available when were on the clock. Theyve said they like the S as well as the CBs so im not sure they prefer one over the other. GOTA im sure has an insightful opinion on him, honestly i know little than he seems to be a good all around safety from scouts. I also read on his combine profile hes a natural
  4. Baltimore Ravens offered their entire 2008 draft class to pick Matt Ryan - Baltimore Beatdown

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    The Crazy Newshound has found a new Ravens article.
  5. Game Thread -- Super Bowl LI, Falcons v. Cheaters

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    Falcons almost look like they want to blow the game, how the fuck do you take a sack there???
    Damn Ryan has put the pats back in this
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