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  1. Game Thread Ravens @ Steelers 10/1

    They're gonna try and get the ball out and let Wheaton and Brown make plays in space. If the defense continues to play with 9 yard cushions... then I hope Pees is fired by half time
  2. Game Thread Ravens @ Broncos 9/13 Season Kickoff!!

    I got to watch the whole game over here. Some observations.

    1. The Denver defense is pretty darn good. I'm not of the mind quite yet that the Ravens OL sucks.
    2. The Ravens defense is pretty darn good as well. They generate a lot of pressure up front and we're making Peyton look pretty average at times.
    3 Why is Campanaro not on the field more?
    4. It's only one game. There's a lot of football left.
  3. Farewell: The Strongest Person and Biggest Raven Fan - Noah Watkins.

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Silver View Post
    This is a story about two friends and the Baltimore Ravens.

    I count many of you my good friends, even if we only communicate digitally. But I would like to share a story with you.

    10 years ago, I started work at a small coal consulting firm. There I met Noah, he worked part time doing data entry. Noah fought muscular dystrophy and succumbed to it this week at the age of 31.

    Throughout the years he and I were the only two Ravens fans in the building.
  4. Early Ravens Regular-Season Prediction Thread

    I did this exercise and came out with about 10 expected wins
  5. Official 2015 NFL Draft Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by RavensNest View Post
    I'm sticking with my Perriman or Dorsett pick.
    I don't think we take Strong. Need smarter player.
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