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  1. "The Greatest NFL Players of All Time" - 3 of 22 from Baltimore

    [QUOTE=Mista T;861033][QUOTE=Terpsfan82;860993] Personally, I think Bert Jones was a better qb.[/QUOTE]

    I somewhat agree. The Ruston Rifle could hurl the long ball with pinpoint accuracy. Unlike Peyton Manning, Bert did not pad stats with short easy stuff. Also, Bert's receivers were pedestrian: Glenn Doughty and TE Ray Chester. Carr ran like a rabbit, but had no moves.

    Neither of Archie's sons were equal to their old man in basic passing capability. I had the ...
  2. Game Thread Ravens @ Dolphins 12/7

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    I think we get that back

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    The fact that the ball was going towards the endzone says it should have been ruled incomplete.
  3. Game Thread Ravens @ Bengals 10/26

    [QUOTE=alien bird;836758][QUOTE=DColeman;836738]Lets go D, hold them to 3.. shit...[/QUOTE]

    Nobody is going for three at this point. The Ravens have to hold them for four plays.[/QUOTE]
    Fucking horrible. Let Daltin QB sneak it in.
  4. Game Thread Ravens @ Bengals 10/26

    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post
    Why does JJ keep bringing it out?
    Torrey doesnt look right. Not sure I want him out there.
  5. Game Thread Ravens @ Bengals 10/26

    [QUOTE=I Touchdown There;836135][QUOTE=Firststater;836108]Either get flacco the fuck out of the game or just run the fucking ball.[/QUOTE]

    Uh Joe is not getting benched.

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    That last one was on torrey not Joe. joe was throwing to an area and torey pulled up lame.

    There were only Bengals around the ball.
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