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  1. Tucker vs Cundiff

  2. Media exageration over fans wearing 27 jerseys???

    I saw the pft article. And at the bottom of the pft article a line about the #52 statue too...
  3. On to Pittsburgh

    Rice wasn't going to play anyway so does it even matter? And he hasn't been around the team now for over a week. It's still a shock and it will be on everyone's mind but I don't see it as a distraction. If anything it can be something to rally around.
  4. And now how about a little perspective???

    For all the mistakes made today they were for the most part correctable. Execution seemed to be the main problem as guys were in position to make plays and just failed to come through.

    The O-line looked solid all around opening up holes and giving Joe time.

    The defense? I've just accepted the fact that bend but don't break is here to stay as long as Pees is here. It can be effective but with an offense like the one we showed in the first half, the breaking part is going ...
  5. John Eisenberg interview

    Quote Originally Posted by lobachevsky View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by bslrobshields View Post
    John's interview was at the 7:20 mark and lasted about 17 min:
    No it isn't. It starts at the 20:40 mark. (I'm listening to it right now.) You have it wrong here & your website has it listed wrong as well.

    ETA: Eisenberg thinks Webbie will be ready to go in the opener but (big shocker) he also expects the team to look for someone "a little more proven" to provide CB depth.
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