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  1. Is Cam Off Limits?

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    can someone please explain this concept to me? WTF is a "dab"?
    I guess the easiest way to explain it is that if you've ever used proper sneezing etiquette (bent your arm and sneezed to your elbow/bicep area)...or you're a vampire hiding your face behind your cape, you've dabbed lol,
  2. Are the Bengals replacing the Ravens as Pittsburg's biggest rival?

    FWIW, a few weeks ago I was listening in the car to Steelers radio broadcast, can't remember which opponent but it was not the Ravens. Yet both the PBP and color guys were frequently referencing and comparing the opponent players to specific Ravens, and frequently in favor of Ravens. You don't do that unless the Ravens are your frame of reference.

    BTW, the announcers were pretty good, not outrageous homers one might see, such as here in DC.
  3. Other Games Thread.

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    hate how easy it is
    All AJ Green that drive....sigh
  4. Game Thread Rams @ Ravens 11/22

    Props to Joe on the TD. Great throw.
  5. Tickets for Sale for this weeks game against St. Louis

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    Some stuff came up and I won't be able to see Ed Reed inducted into the Ring of Honor

    Section 542
    Row 26
    Seats 11, 12 ,13

    Send me your offers
    your 11 rows behind me. im in row 15
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