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  1. Game Thread Ravens @ Bengals 10/26

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    Either get flacco the fuck out of the game or just run the fucking ball.
    Uh Joe is not getting benched.

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    That last one was on torrey not Joe. joe was throwing to an area and torey pulled up lame.

    There were only Bengals around the ball.
  2. *MNF* Patriots @ Chiefs

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    I really want to maul Brady next week. Big test for my team.
    I would be very surprised if Cincy doesn't win by at least 15 next week against the Pats.
  3. No love for James Hurst?

    [QUOTE=NCRAVEN;822087]He got some love. I believe there was a thread after the game declaring him our LT of the future.[/QUOTE]

    Yep and comments on how he didn't face the elite DEs of the league.

    We are very happy he held up as well as he did but he definitely needs improvement

    To quote Ken McKusick
    [QUOTE]James was solid, but unspectacular, in his ...
  4. Tucker vs Cundiff

  5. Media exageration over fans wearing 27 jerseys???

    I saw the pft article. And at the bottom of the pft article a line about the #52 statue too...
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