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  1. Putting NFL Head Coaches in their Pigeon Holes

    Quote Originally Posted by Shas View Post
    Yesterday I heard someone wishing that the Jets would tank so Rex would get fired and the Ravens could hire him as D coordinator again.

    We could debate whether they would do that, if the chance arises.

    It got me thinking about Bisciotti's decision not to offer the Ravens head job to Rex and instead his leaning to Jason Garrett and ultimately John Harbaugh. Maybe with better players Garrett would have been just as successful as John. Or maybe John, who has a bit more
  2. Sunday game thread. No Ravens Go O'S!

    Curious fact: the Orioles' magic number for the postseason is 2 out of the next 5 games--even though there are only 4 remaining in the regular season. TB is 4 games behind the Birds with 4 left to play & can at best tie their record; LA is 3 games back in the loss column with 5 remaining. So 1 more O's win or Angels' loss guarantees them at least a tie for a WC slot & therefore at worst a Game 163 playoff, winning which would put them in the 1-game WC playoff.
  3. Unsportsmenlike Penalty on the Browns

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Happened towards the end of the game, pushing the Browns back past the 50. Any info on this?

    Who was it? What was it for?
    The announcers said it was on the Browns bench, but the refs never announced the penalty.
  4. Game Thread -- Ravens v. Browns

    what the hell was that Kruger conductor dance?
  5. I've never seen a fanbase as hopeless about a game as the Browns LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by Whitty Hutton View Post
    This is comedy. Browns actually play good defense, but you wont find too many optimistic homers here
    With good reason. They are now in a completely wasted year. They have a new owner who will clean house and start over once again but that can't be done until after they get through this season. 2012 is just a big waste of time for that franchise.
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