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  1. Flacco Agrees To Deal, Will Sign on Monday

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    Jay Glazer ‏@JayGlazer

    Again, Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco has agreed to terms on a new deal with the Ravens. He will sign it Monday. Waiting on terms

    Nothing on Sunspot yet. They'll break the story about 9:00pm.
  2. New draft/FA/offseason thread

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    It seems like a smart move to draft a NT to compete with Terrance Cody for the spot, but I would not give up on Cody yet. Again, it took him a long time just to get into proper NFL NT condition, let alone work on his technique. Paul Kruger's emergence should have taught us something about player development. The team is more focused on a youth movement than they've been in years. We as fans are going to have to learn more patience with players.
    First post!! Anyway, I feel the same way. ...
  3. Okay, here we go.

    RSR is probably my favorite website that is not or Twitter. I am defintely going to be putting up more posts, but I have to go to the gym then work after this post, so stay tuned. I swear it will be worth it Ravens Nation.
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  4. LIVE STREAMING of today's Ravens Victory Parade

    Ed Reed walking up and down the street with the Lombardi trophy letting people touch it.
  5. I want an investigation

    [QUOTE=GOTA;577784]There will be an investigation. The state of LA isn't going to be awarded another Super Bowl anytime soon after this. That's hundreds of millions of dollars they will lose out on. Someone is going to pay because of that.[/QUOTE]

    They're calling it the Blackout Bowl in NY-lol.

    NO is calling it an abnormality-lol.

    It was something with the circuit breaker and it took a while to
    investigate it.

    No shit. NO has ...
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