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  1. Week 1: Ravens v.s. Broncos

  2. Week 1: Ravens v.s. Broncos

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    I"m just glad football is almost here. Not going into this game with any expectations other than to see what we've got in this new roster and hope for no injuries.

    I did notice that in my Yahoo pickem poll, 88% have selected Denver to win the game so I guess the rest of the world has no confidence in Baltimore. Would love love love to see the Ravens eeek out a win somehow
    With questions at CB, game 1 anyway they being untested, I fear Pees will drop DB's back, ...
  3. Ray Lewis: ‘You cannot tell me’ Super Bowl blackout was an accident

    Quote Originally Posted by AirFlacco View Post
    Accident or not, it did give SF to re-group and figure out what to do and they almost
    won the game. It took the momentum away from the Ravens as they had to fight
    for their lives and the win after the break.
    Thank God we won, otherwise this would have been equivalent to the man on the grassy knoll. Lol

    Look, Ray Lewis saying this is o different than people complaining about the phantom Jimmy Smith holding call at the end.
  4. Marlon Brown

    Quote Originally Posted by JMUpurkfool View Post
    Personally, I wouldn't be hesitant to give Brown and even Mellette reps in the regular season.

    From what I have seen Marlon Brown could produce just as much as Jacoby did at receiver in the coming season. He has a bigger body and stronger hands.

    I mean at the moment it is Jacoby or Brown on the outside... are you really that much more comfortable with Jacoby?
    Good morning all - first time posting on this board!

    Jacoby had such a great ...
  5. Game Thread: Preseason Week 3 Panthers vs Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by Jsmoove View Post
    Torrey getting doubled, we have no TE, stokely and melette are the only ones that have caught anything, get Furst in there and Brown.
    Doss baby! He s a keeper! Lol
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