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  1. On to the Lions

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    Finally we don't have to worry about weather or (hopefully) delays in a game. This is on the fast surface in the dome and it's time our team takes advantage of the outside speed and Pitta's presence.

    Lions can score a lot of points indoors, they're in the top 10 in points and top 5 in passing and total yards. Ravens will need to score TDs.

    I sincerely hope the Ravens ask Flacco to throw the ball 60 times, that is not too much IMO. He threw it 50 yesterday in the
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  2. Pitta to be activated!

    Pitta's chemistry with Joe is undeniable.

    The Ravens need to retain him. I know he isn't some physical beast like Graham or Gronk. But he is steady and reliable and locked in with his QB. That has inherent value.

    Ozzie already screwed Joe once with the Bodlin trade. And he knew when he did it he was leaving Joe out to dry.

    The Ravens need to find a way to retain Pitta.
  3. What is happening to our defense?

    Looks like the OP and I were thinking the same thing at the same time because I started an almost identical thread!
  4. Game Thread Vikings @ Ravens 12/08

    Another 4Q collapse by the defense. I guess flacco is to blame for that too.
  5. The Beer Thread

    @ jab1985

    Yes, Asahi is a rice beer

    Check it out
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