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  1. QB rating is ridiculous

    I don't pay it much mind either, but you're putting too much stock in the perfection thing. It's just an anomaly with the system. When you take a subjective topic like evaluating QB play, and try to spit out a simplified, objective number for it, there's going to be some discrepancies.

    Probably 90% of the time, you and passer rating would agree on which QB played the better game. Statistically, Alex Smith had a great game (4TDs to no picks, high YPA, high completion%) so he got a ...
  2. Jim Caldwell to the Lions!!!?????

    Quote Originally Posted by ravensnhokies View Post
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    The Air Coryell works and has worked for us up until this year when we no longer had the personnel to make sure it worked without a hitch. Joe is the perfect guy for that style of offense. He's not overly mobile, he has a huge arm and up until this season we had the RB horses to make the important play actions worth a damn. Every offensive coordinator is, 'married' to a system. What would you like to see us start running here? A system more tailored to a QB like Brady or Peyton where they throw
  3. Game Thread Ravens @ Bengals 12/29

    A pass over the middle ? It's a miracle!
  4. OT: Romo out for the year

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    Aaaaaaawwwww, I wanted to see Romo blow it.

    ... Bc
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  5. Mr. Suggs, Tom is coming Christmas!

    [QUOTE=bt12483;721369][QUOTE=Firststater;721347]Brady and the bunch may have come for Xmas, but Suggs was on the bench much of the time: 2nd and 7, he is on the bench; 2nd and 8, he is on the bench. What is this guy getting paid for on this team?[/QUOTE]

    Something has to be up.

    He gets that fake ass sack when Brady went fetal and danced, down 20-0.

    He looks and acts like he doesn't really care.[/QUOTE]

    He just wants to go make movies. ...
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