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  1. So What's Next for the wizard of Oz?

    [QUOTE=ravensfan6463;762117]This man truely amazes me every year what he can do with a salary cup. You can truely tell players love playing here and take cuts to play here. In saying that, What does everyone think our next FA move is? Is there any quality Center's, TE's or FS's available?

    My other question as i'm watching the FA ticker on NFL network, Why don't we kick the tires on a few of these RB if we can get them cheap especially Blount. We need a bruiser RB like there's no tomorrow ...
  2. The TAG thread

    Quote Originally Posted by kronusthebonus View Post
    I think Ozzie is going to let Jones walk and get a monster deal for the comp pick next year.
    Depending on where the cap ends up, some are saying 132 million, the Ravens will be in a spot that they are rarely in where they can afford to keep their own players. I am curious to see what the market for Jones looks like. IMO, he is not a pass rusher so his value isnt as high. I think if he can be had for similar money as Redding 4/5 million per year, the Ravens should go for it.
  3. Super Bowl Game Thread Broncos vs Seahawks

  4. Kubiak/Dennison not Harbaugh's choice according to Lombardi

    So tell me again, who did Kubiak have dinner with on Saturday night when the decision was ultimately made?

    Sure wasn't the Biscotti house....
  5. Vonta Leach

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    very unlikely; keep in mind they also have Juice and could easily pick up a cheap back from the draft or UDFA
    I think he's done, at least in Baltimore. He's had a 10 year career, last 3 with the Ravens and took home a Super Bowl ring. He's 32, Juice is cheaper and younger, so I feel he won't be wearing purple and black next season... Bc
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