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  1. MNF -- Steelers @ Bengals

    [QUOTE=Uli2001;666113][QUOTE=Navaneeth;666111]I think Haley might be fired mid-season, may be game after Ravens.[/QUOTE]

    It's not his fault when his QB constantly misfires with open receivers. Ben R looks done. He has taken way too many hits over the years.[/QUOTE]

    Gruden: Polamalu is going to time the snap, jump over the offensive line, and jar loose this football. Watch this.

    *Polamalu makes team tackle 7 yards downfield on a throwaway 3rd ...
  2. Jets vs. Patriots

    Quote Originally Posted by Jsmoove View Post
    when you have shit for receivers even Tom brady can look like crap.
    Its official. The Ravens wr corp doesn't look too bad...compared to the patriots.
  3. Ravens workign out TE Matthew Mulligan

    After our performance last week, we're taking a Mulligan!

    Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!

    -Coach Harbs
  4. Monday Night Football

  5. Injuries from last night?

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    What is the status of Jacoby and Oher?
    How is it that Wagner was higher on the depth chart than Jah Reid? If that's the case they why is Reid still on this team? You would think after a couple of years he'd be the logical right tackle replacement
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