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  1. The Beer Thread

    @ jab1985

    Yes, Asahi is a rice beer

    Check it out
  2. Dierdorf at it again..

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    Triplette sounded like he had chugged a few hot toddies in the locker room before the game.
    And popped a fair amount of Molly.
    I hope that was it for Dierdorf. I know he is retiring and I'm glad. Pat Summeral 2.0
  3. The second wild card is still up for grabs

    Miami just lost in the final seconds! Are we actually tied with Pittsburgh and maybe one other team for the final wild card?
  4. Coaches Changes

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    Or the one in Detroit where they set a record for the most penalties in a game iirc?

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    I'll never forget that game. I was embarrassed as a Ravens fan. Billick totally lost that team.
    My favorite was the one where Bart Scott chucked the flag into the stands.

    Just the perfect example of completely losing their composure when the offense still had a chance to come back and score.
  5. Game Thread Ravens @ Browns 11/03

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    wow what happened to our pass rush damn
    Let's face it, the writing was on the wall when they signed Stokely and Clark.
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