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  1. Articles and captcha

    Most verbage captcha I have ever seen, just a FYI
  2. "I would sacrifice a SB run just to fire CAM"- Rharris

    Quote Originally Posted by rharris1986 View Post
    If losing our remaining games means we get rid of Cam - I WOULD TAKE THAT IN A HEARTBEAT!

    You seem to think I regret saying that - you are grossly mistaken! It also doesn't mean I am not a Ravens fan. Its like cutting out a cancer that will save or at least extend your life (in this case its Joe's and the Raven's future success that are at stake). Ask the Colt fans if they regret losing all those games last year - see what kind of answer you get.

    The more you restate
  3. Boldin's hit on Weddle

    Q's gotta be careful though... that should've been a penalty.
  4. BATTLE PLANS: Ravens @ Chargers


    [B]1. Work the Middle [/B]

    There is a good chance San Diego will take a page out of Pittsburgh’s book by compressing their coverage on outside routes. Specifically, if they invert the coverage like Pittsburgh did –keep the corner deep and bring the safety underneath—it’ll be extremely tough for Joe Flacco to find Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones outside the hashes.

    The Ravens’ answer was to use short ...
  5. "100% Completion or take a sack..." - ???

    Quote Originally Posted by callahan09 View Post
    Just decided to look into our third or fourth downs with <= 2 yards to go situations, and here's what I found:

    Flacco has a 0.0 QB Rating on 12 such downs. 3 / 11 for 7 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 1 Sack. Only 2 first downs. That means 16.7% success rate.

    On the other hand, with run plays, we have 18 attempts for 47 yards, 3 TD, 0 Fumbles. 12 first downs. That's a 66.7% success rate.

    Remind me again why we ever pass in those situations?
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