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  1. Keenan Lewis talks trash against Torrey Smith: "He's no Mike Wallace."

    He won't be saying this when he's looking at the numbers 82 run by him.
  2. Game Thread -- KC @ Stealers

    Quote Originally Posted by RavensQB View Post
    Fumble hahahaha
    bwa hahahahahahhahahahahah
  3. Game Thread: Ravens infiltrate the Factory of Sadness - @ Browns

    Quote Originally Posted by Jsmoove View Post
    3&8 and cam has plays going down the middle of the field..smh..this shit is sickening.
    Plus, no Rollouts, screens misdirection plays nothing.
  4. Suggs on Track for Return This Season

    Quote Originally Posted by TheJoeFlaccoShow View Post
    This article is just more of the same, Suggs claiming he will defy all logic and make a miraculous comeback in a time no athlete has ever done before. Yeah I am sure HE has a (completely unrealistic, wildly optomistic, I am Supreman) date to return. It means nothing.

    He isn't coming back week 7...or week 9.....or week 11. Watch.

    Late Dec is 8 months from surgery, the fastest any athlete has ever come back from an achilles surgery. EVER. In the history of the world.
  5. How 'Bout Dem Cowboys!

    Quote Originally Posted by pslholder96 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Baltimoreboy View Post
    I'm not here to think for you baller.
    I hope you have a huge problem with that.
    Wow. A little sensitive there. Okay. Thanks for the input
    If we lose this game - smote will start to say we are Dallas east - porous o-line, defensive lapses, up and down QB, struggling WRs.
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