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  1. Vonta Leach

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    very unlikely; keep in mind they also have Juice and could easily pick up a cheap back from the draft or UDFA
    I think he's done, at least in Baltimore. He's had a 10 year career, last 3 with the Ravens and took home a Super Bowl ring. He's 32, Juice is cheaper and younger, so I feel he won't be wearing purple and black next season... Bc
  2. The Case for a Defense-heavy Draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by He/Ate/the/Box View Post
    I would also throw in an dominating MLB to pair with Brown.
    This post is still like a dig at D. Smith. If you think the Ravens can replace his 2013 stats (see my post #218) then you're in for a rude awakening. I also see you've anointed A. Brown as a starter in 2014. While I hope you're right, and I know he was hurt beginning the season, he did not exactly show the talents of a 2nd round draft choice... Bc
    With all our holes I'm not sure we have much a choice.
  3. The Case for a Defense-heavy Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by JCroUSAF View Post
    D smith is an animal, stopping the run may not be his strong suit but it doesn't help when your dline is constantly getting pushed back and can't get off their blocks. It sucks that Suggs has his contract structured the way he does because I think he's more valuable than ngata at this point. If the roles were reversed I don't think it'd be a question of whether or not to get rid of ngata. D smith had a pro bowl type year and was definitely the MVP of the defense with jimmy as a close second. Monroe
  4. NFC Wild Card -- 49ers v. Packers

  5. QB rating is ridiculous

    I don't pay it much mind either, but you're putting too much stock in the perfection thing. It's just an anomaly with the system. When you take a subjective topic like evaluating QB play, and try to spit out a simplified, objective number for it, there's going to be some discrepancies.

    Probably 90% of the time, you and passer rating would agree on which QB played the better game. Statistically, Alex Smith had a great game (4TDs to no picks, high YPA, high completion%) so he got a ...
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